European DodgeBall Federation

European Dodgeball Federation was founded in September 2010 at a meeting in London, England by representatives from England, Italy, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Wales. EDBF has grown every year and it now numbers over 15 countries.

Italian Woman Dodgeball
Scottish Men Dodgeball
Wales Women Dodgeball

Our Values

Leadership: At EDBF we hold a Congressional Meeting every year at which the Executive Committee is elected. The Federation operates on a voluntary basis, run by dedicated dodgeball enthusiasts. Our goal is to grow the sport of dodgeball in Europe and to help our member nations to work together. We are also working with the World Dodgeball Association (WDA) to grow dodgeball worldwide with the goal of making dodgeball an Olympic sport, this is a long term project and it will take many years to reach the target.

Dodgeball as a sport: EDBF holds the European Dodgeball Championships every year at the end of August. This brings all the national teams together in one city and gives them the opportunity to represent their country on an international stage. It is also important to see dodgeball as a fun activity for the community; it is a low cost sport which anyone can play and people of all ages enjoy playing and EDBF will give advice to any nation who wants to grow dodgeball in their own country.